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The Muny – a Television Event


“The Muny” – A Television Event is a five-hour documentary series on the world’s oldest and largest outdoor theater. This will be the most comprehensive look ever at St. Louis’ historic Muny. This extraordinary documentary will provide the first ever, behind-the-scenes look at the Muny and its 90-year history.

From the first auditions in the blustery winter of New York City to the final curtain call on the hot, humid summer stage of the Muny in St. Louis, “The Muny – A Television Event” will cover it all. Multiple camera crews and producer/directors will capture everything it takes to bring a show to the Muny stage. This wide-ranging documentary will be produced in multiple languages and distributed nationally and internationally for theatrical and television release.

“The Muny” – A Television Event premieres in June of 2011. Pre-production begins in November of 2009.


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