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Chuck's Blog

The Declaration of Independence

Chuck Neff - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It was a good number of years ago that I was working part-time for a St. Louis radio station.  Even as an experienced broadcaster, I was one of the ‘new-kids-on-the-block’ and had no real seniority to avoid working the holiday schedules.  So, that particular year I was assigned to fill in for one of the show hosts on July 4th

 Near the end of one the on-air hours was a segment about ten minutes long.  It was usually filled by interviewing a guest.  Well, that year it seemed as if we couldn’t find a guest to help fill out the time.  Not being what I would consider a good ad-libber, I thought it best to just read something.

 With the day being wrapped up in the celebration of the Fourth of July, it seemed appropriate to read the Declaration of Independence.  The truth is that I had never read the complete text.  But, reading it on the air that day helped me understand more clearly and more deeply not only the significance of the document, but also the power of the words.

 I made a promise to myself back then that some day I would record it…all in the hope that it might be a useful resource to help us gain some insight into the foundation of the freedoms only this country knows.  Now in this 21st Century culture and in this country where our Religious Freedoms are being attacked and threatened as never before, it seems appropriate to record and offer the Declaration of Independence to you.  This is a humble effort designed to help us all understand…as our Forefathers did more than 200 years ago…what is truly at stake.  May God bless America! +++