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Chuck's Blog


Chuck Neff - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The middle weeks of July and summer is now firming up its grip on the days before us.  Hot, humid, muggy.  As I headed out for a four-mile run this morning, a gentle breeze made the morning rather delightful.  The sun began its upward climb and the blue sky became bluer - the white clouds, whiter. 

I had been thinking about sunrises quite a lot the past few months.  There is no way of proving it, but it seems highly probable that from the beginning of time no sunrise anywhere has ever been duplicated exactly the same.  Just like the day beginning now, it has never been duplicated.  Every tomorrow will also be different, which says to me that each day - this day and all of our tomorrows - are, indeed, gifts.  Gifts to be opened with care and then lived to the fullest.

So, the choices we make, the actions we take, the words we speak on this day can either give live...or take life.  Let's take the gift of this day and work to give life to everyone we meet and every situation we encounter.  It's a day unlike any other - a true gift from God.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen +++