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Spirit of Boldness - Part II

Chuck Neff - Wednesday, April 14, 2010
When I get into zones of anxiety and the chaos and pressures of the world seem to be taking the upper hand, I often to turn to this quote from St. Francis.  It reminds me to be not afraid of things like taking risks and trusting the Lord will continue to do His part. 

For me it seems to be an everpresent challenge to quit wallowing in the lukewarm waters of my life and the moral mediocrity that goes along with it.  Enjoy.

            “Somehow in middle age, many people lose their nerve; they begin to feel that the dream upon which they have based their lives is an illusion.  Ours is an anguished age in which the old myths have lost their power and the very virtues which sustained us are warring among themselves.  What before was pure and holy is now filled with the impurity of doubt; what before seemed wise and prudent seems now a form of escape…Our prayer does not work, because we are afraid to act, to respond to the voice of God crying out for help in the poor and despised, the broken, wounded angels we meet upon our way.

            “In short we have succumbed to fear and wear God as a mask of respectability that justifies our doing nothing, except provide for our security and build protective walls behind which we live the illusion of virtue.  We are trying so hard to be safe that we have forgotten how to be human, how to risk, how to dare to live in conflict with the God whose arms alone can wrestle us into life.” 

St. Francis of Assisi (writing about seeking God in the ‘caves’ of his life)