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I Love You, Papa

Chuck Neff - Thursday, February 02, 2012

 Babysitting is not very high on my list of gifts and talents.  But, last weekend I was enlisted to spend the evening with our five-year-old grandson, Michael.  And, the truth is we had a blast.

Throughout the evening as we drove in the car, sat down to share a pizza and cheesy bread sticks for dinner, watched a DVD together, and shared a big bowl of popcorn, Michael kept saying…quite often actually...“I love you, Papa.”  Of course, I kept saying, “And, I love you, too, Michael.”

As the evening progressed and little Michael kept repeating his I-love-you-Papa reminders, I found myself thinking about whether or not to respond.  I mean, part of it was getting a little old!!  He was saying it a lot!!

But, something inside of me felt compelled to tell him, too, that I loved him.  I realized it was not just an automatic response to his innocent and incredibly genuine display of affection.  It was as if I needed to respond…needed to tell him, too, this love for each other was a two-way street of fondness.

As I pondered all of this, it took me to a deeper level and I wondered, when we tell God, Our Father in Heaven, that we love Him, does He, too, in His Great Love and Mercy for us feel compelled to tell us that He loves us.  I think He does.  But, sometimes I don’t think we know it…or feel it…or understand it. 

So, the challenge for me right now is not only to tell God that I love Him, but also to take time to listen for the ways He tells me that, yes, He does love me, too.  My prayer is that in any circumstance of our lives…the good times and the not-so-good times…the times of light and the times of darkness…that we may know the love of God.  May our eyes see the ways He impacts our lives.  May our ears hear the wonders of His love as we journey through the days of our lives.  May our hearts know clearly in our love for God that He loves us deeply and more intimately than we shall ever know or begin to understand. 

Amen +++