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Healing the Family Tree

Chuck Neff - Friday, November 18, 2011

The other day on our radio program, The Inner Life, Fr. Mark Baron, MIC explored the healing we all need from the wounds created by our family…by those relatives who are alive today and by those ancestors who have died.  He offered a prayer we can all say, but especially during the Consecration of Our Lord’s Body and Precious Blood during the Celebration of the Mass.

 These are the specific words Fr. Mark said we should pray to break the wounds of our past.

“Go back ten generations.  When the priest elevates the Sacred Host, say ‘Lord, plant your Cross in between the past ten generations of my family tree that your Cross may be planted there and break anything of evil that is being passed down.’  Then when the Precious Blood is offered and elevated by the priest, say, ‘Lord, pour your Blood down, in and through the past ten generations of my family tree that it can be cleansed of any pollution of evil that has been passed down.’  And, just keep on doing that with great faith and love.”

 A powerful prayer for healing the wounds of our family. 

By the way, if you want to hear the entire program, check out the audio archives for The Inner Life from November 17, 2011 at +++