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Chuck's Blog

"Don't Drink the Holy Water"

Chuck Neff - Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Don't Drink the Holy Water" - that's the title of Fr. Joe Kempf's latest book and DVD series with his big furry friend, Big Al.  Our production company, the Salt River Production Group, has the great privilege of producing it for Fr. Joe and Liguori Publications.  The videography is complete.  Editing is underway.  The release date is scheduled for early Fall.

We hear so often about the lack of catechesis.  But, Fr. Joe and his team of workers at Gospel Values is out to help change that.  The program is a series of 20 prayers helping children understand what the Catholic Church teaches about the Mass. 

The first prayer is called Sunday is a Special Day.  This is an excerpt.

Sunday is a special day
To stop; to love; to pray.
You call us to the Mass, dear God
The best part of our day

For more information, check out Fr. Joe's website:  Also, Liguori Publications is the publisher and distributor for the book and the DVD series.  This is the website for Liguori:

As Fr. Joe, Big Al, and all the children like to say at the end of each prayer...Amen, Amen, Amen. +++